Free Fiction

Aftermath.” August 2021. After a bout of heroic shenanigans at a magical school, a parent writes an angry letter. (Microfiction)

Picnic.” July 2021. Fantasy/magical realism; short, light, and sweet. (Short story)

The Church of the Star.” December 2020. A martyr is unwillingly resurrected. (Short story)

Glass Shop.” Halloween 2020. Don’t break the glass. (Flash fiction)

Wake Your Ghost.” Halloween 2019. A long, melancholy spiral into bad decisions and the paranormal. (Novelette)

Older stories

Most of these stories were originally published on my Wattpad page, which I’ve since lost access to. They’re all quite old, but I thought I’d just put them up here anyway.

Happiness.” Summer 2019. A strange, surreal story about an autopsy and a bird. From a writing prompt at the Seoul SFF Writers’ Group, which I used to head and miss dreadfully. ❤ (Short Story)

Heaven’s Eye.” First published in MYTHIC Magazine issue #11, summer 2019. Fantasy/romance: A sculptor finds a wounded angel on the beach. (Short story)

Inspiration Season.” June 2018. Sci fi/slipstream: there’s something in the fog. (Short story)

Summoning Dragons.” May 2017. Fantasy: Someone steals a book. Then the dragons come. (Short story)

Century Fruit.” July 2015. Fantasy: A family has an ancient and powerful tradition. (Short story)

Over the River.” Halloween 2012. Fantasy: Be careful who you talk to by the riverside. (Short story)

Under Glass.” Written October 2010/edited October 2011. YA horror; alternate title “The Thing in the Mirror.” My friend Brittany Harrison and I had a Frankenstein-style story-writing party on an awesome weekend retreat in the mountains of North Carolina, and this is my entry. It could be smoother, but people seem to like it. : ) (Short story)

**”Under Glass” and “Over the River” can also be found in Five Stories for the Dark Months, my first foray into self-publishing back in 2013. It’s not free everywhere (because I didn’t get around to it), but you can download it for free at Barnes and Noble, FNAC for some reason?? (need to look into that, apparently), and probably some other places. It also includes three other stories: “Warmth in Winter,” “Sans Merci,” and “Magda’s Boon,” all written 2011-2012. Or you can buy it for 99 cents on Amazon if you’d prefer.