Published Work

“The Angel,” Literally Dead: Tales of Holiday Hauntings (Alienhead Press), coming September 2023. Decorating for the holidays, a modern witch clashes with the ghost of her angry grandmother.

“In the Nevergo,” Dangerous Waters: Deadly Women of the Sea (Brigid’s Gate Press), January 2023. We are right to fear mermaids, but what do mermaids fear? (Short story)

“Serpents,” Once Upon a Wicked Heart: A Fiction-Atlas Press Villains Anthology (Fiction-Atlas Anthologies), November 2022. A retelling of the fairy tale “Diamonds and Pearls” from the wicked sister’s point of view. (Novelette)

“Spirits in the Dark,” JMS Books, October 2020. Two ghost hunters mistake each other for lost souls; not-so-doomed romance ensues. (Novelette)

“Summerweek,” JMS Books, July 2020. A disgraced lady-in-waiting has a second chance to win over the queen she loves. (Novelette)

“Heaven’s Eye,” Mythic #11, Summer 2019. A sculptor finds a wounded angel on the beach. (Short story. Read for free here.)

“Anna’s Hour,” Gods & Services (Critical Blast Publishing), December 2018. A woman gains the gift of gab with a bit of divine inspiration. (Short story)

Works in Progress:

✵Epic fantasy doorstopper (f/f; Renaissance-inspired):
Parts 1 and 2 drafted (78,000 and 150,700 words); part 3 underway (37,400 words).

✵Experimental novel-in-progress free to read online here.

✵Various short stories and poems you’ll hopefully see soon.