daily life, prague

Easter weekend

Enjoying the long weekend here (Thursday through Monday for me, though I’m still teaching private lessons). F and I took Donut to the dog park yesterday, where he met several dogs and got somebody to chase him in a circle; then F and I had dinner at a restaurant that brings you your food on trains. Our neighborhood is VERY crowded, and lots of people are coughing, but we’re crossing our fingers and trying to keep our distance. This evening F made tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, and then she helped me dye my roots, so I’m well fed and have thoroughly purple hair.

Tomorrow is a writers’ group day, and Sunday we’re going to a small birthday party, so we’re keeping pretty busy. The main fly in the ointment is a big leak that’s sprung in the bathroom and toilet-room ceiling, which no one will fix until after the holiday. Please pray for the integrity of our ceiling.

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